“a quirky grds (graphic design) girl who likes fish and has stars in her eyes.” sources: my roommate,

hi ! i’m fai mccurdy (she/her), a 2023 SCAD grad and graphic designer that specializes in printed and digital works. my passion projects tend to include work that is inspired by my filipino heritage, my interest in all things fish, and my love for art history. my graphic specialties include teaching people hot-keys and playing the kerning game at the airport (100’s every time).

- not related to grds - i am, most simply put, an enjoyer of things. if i’m not obsessing over fantasy books, kpop comebacks, or pirates, i’m probably not talking (which is rarely the case).

loving: blues cruise sally hansen nail polish
listening: adult teenage girl (my amaze playlist)
reading: a court of silver flames
watching: killin’ it music video by p1harmony

GDUSA 2023 | Packaging Design Award
Calico Cottontail

Young Ones TDC 2023 | Shortlist
Oxygen Thief

Comotion 2023 | Social Media Motion Award
The Manor

SCAD 2023 | Juried Senior Showcase
Calico Cottontail,  Oxygen Thief,  La Provincia,  Fortune Leaves

Port City Review 2023 | Juried Gallery & Literary Arts Journal
La Provincia,  System Error,  Fortune Leaves

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