Calico Cottontail is DIY sewing company that specializes in creating unique patterns to create stuffed bunnies. The different patterning of the bunnies are based on location specific art styles from history, crafting a classy experience when creating these artisanal rabbits.

GDUSA Packaging Design Award, 2023
Juried Senior Showcase SCAD, 2023

The overall design is based on Rococo Fiber patterns, which are largely ornamental and intricately designed. This was an era of elegance and refinement with organic motifs; it is fused with vibrant gradient graphic design elements to create the symmetrical patterning across the front and sides of the packagings.

Each label includes the same weaving floral elements, as well as featuring the object being bought. EX: the spool of thread is a blooming flower and three  purple pins some together to make a blue bell flower.

The thematic treatment of this set is based on 17th century Dutch floral still lives. These paintings where dependent on their intense iconography. This was a time of religious turmoil and many of the paintings focused on the subtle depictions of life and death. These motifs were used to show the passing of time, but for the sake of creation, they have been used in reversed in this packaging.

The beginning items are the thread and needles and are paired with snails and pears. Snails are seen as ultimate death and pears are paired with the motif of forbidden fruit, leading to death. It respectively moves to the fabric, scissors, and pins with shells, pomegranates, and butterflies. These bring new beginnings, fresh starts, and awakenings. The series ends with the tape measure as a candle to show the passage of time and with stuffing as blooming flowers showing full youth and longevity of life. Stuffing would be the final new element introduced when creating the bunny, showing how the stuffed-animal was brought to life.

Photography by Snigdha Gopidi

Process Book: