Art Director Fai McCurdy • Motion Director Aanvik Singh
Social Media Creative Director Danna Macias

The Manor is SCAD’s fashion and culture publication; it delivers unique content, reflecting the artistry and style of young artists. From March 2022­ through March 2023, I served as the art director. Together with the Editor-In-Chief, copywriting team, and visual editors, we worked to create The Manor’s identity.

Comotion Social Media Motion award, 2023


With a fully digital publication, each article is paired with a horizontal header graphic and either a square grid post or a vertical story post for Instagram formatting.


The art direction was a blend of maximalism and modernity built on principles instead of rules. This system amplified contributor voices, allowing them to tell different stories with the same foundation.


With each article needing its own visual language, the primary focus to unite them was through typography and texture. This allowed for the connection between fashion and culture to be presented on a digital platform that can be adapted to differing concepts.


Each graphic is concept focused to reflect the written work it is showcasing. An example is the piece above, “Of Audio & Aesthetics: The living diary of TXT’s discography.” The writing discusses an album and it’s narrative on the progression of childhood to adulthood through tempting and darker narrative. The typography features a combination of script and serif to show to the connection from childhood to adulthood. The color palette relates to the darker tone in the lyrics. Other sporadic typographical elements are included over a half-toned image to show the separation between action and goals that are present in the analysis of the lyrics.


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