This fictional music festival was created to reform the music industry, specifically for those who have been affected by it do to their race. The day of Daylight Savings is the shift to when the sun sets at a later time; this shift being the integrity that this festival strives for in the music industry.

Port City Review, Juried Gallery & Literary Arts Journal, 2023

It features artists and vendors directly influenced, while also providing an experience for fans to celebrate with them. Funds from the festival would go towards the artists, vendors, as well as a portion being donated towards those working to bettering the diversity in music awards.

The theme for the specific years festival would be System Error. The series of posters showcase the progression that Daylight Savings strives for. It starts with noticing an error in the system; working to rectify the issues, it moves to a system glitch which acts as the initial noticing of the mistreatment in the music industry towards racial minorities. It ends with a system revoke being the result of acting against the mishandling of artists.

System error is used as a double meaning to compare the music industry system to a technology system error. This became a pivotal point for the visuals, as each artist is comprised of a half-tone texture. It uses letters to mimic the look of binary code, but is elevated by the type spelling out system error, system glitch, and system revoke.

Typography is placed on different viewing planes to show how a change in perspective is needed to genuinely change the mistreatment­— similarly, zoomed images along the sides of the posters and booklet cover are inverted. It also acts as a zoom to showcase the verbiage in the typographic half-tone.