What better way to distress from being a pirate than with a house apothecary plant? Good for the mind, body, and peg leg is what Avast Apothecary always says. The conceptual storyline is that famous pirates would be historically traveling long journeys for months on end. Amidst these adventures they would dock at pirate-friendly ports for supplies, along with medical plants and fried herbs.

Avast Apothecary steps in to provide small, individually packaged medicinal plants. The packaging itself is supplemental for the plants and is fully recyclable, leaving no waste for those at sea. This is a beginner friendly plant care kit, including instructions to take care of the plants.  

This series is inspired by the five most famous pirates: Blackbeard, Mary Read, Anne Bonny, Zheng Yi Sao, Captain Kidd, and Black Sam. Each plant in personified, with characteristics integrated into them based on one of the famous pirates. The specific plants are linked to the chosen pirate due to where the pirate is from. For example, Primrose is native to England and Ireland and Anne Bonny was born in Ireland and was last seen in England.

The theme was to create packaging that would be reflective of the ships of these pirates. While there are many different types of ships at this time, these are the most famous pirates in history who had a minimum 70 crew members, but at maximum, around 400 ships in their personal fleet. The intricacy of these ships and the ropes that hold them together is the visual driving factor.

Photography by Snigdha Gopidi and Fai McCurdy

Process Book: